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Sep. 4th, 2008 | 09:20 pm

i think i might be depressed.

i was cool until about a week and a half ago when i ventured into a walmart for the first time in many years. i'm not a huge walmart fan for two reasons, one being me trying to occasionally giving a shit who i give my money to, with the larger reason being it's probably the easiest place i know of to give myself an anxiety attack.

so a few days back i venture into the walmart to try to find mason jars, and end up wasting about 15 minutes behind four separate asshats in the four self checkout lanes. i find that standing in any sort of line usually makes me freak the fuck out, but nothing could compare to the anxiety, rage, and contempt i felt that day in the walmart.

i've been extraordinarily moody since then.

then today the ups guy stops by work. we're relatively friendly with the ups guys. he delivers a lot of shit to us, so we'll occasionally chat now and then. he's a strange dude. he carves pens out of deer antlers and sells them on ebay or something in his spare time. well he comes in today ready to bro down and says to me, "Brother, let me ask you a question. Is it wrong to want to bone the new VP? AMIRIGHT!?!?!" or something to that effect. at this point i figure we're all fucking doomed anyway.

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from: xaotica
date: Sep. 5th, 2008 07:20 am (UTC)

there's actually no walmarts within many miles of seattle city limits. they keep trying to open them and the community retaliates and refuses to allow it.

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