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May. 29th, 2005 | 10:14 pm

okay the christians have gone too far this time.


god i miss hockey. i really hope they get their shit together for next season.

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May. 24th, 2005 | 11:19 pm

i really need to stick to my personal rule of despising mother fuckers.

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(no subject)

Apr. 29th, 2005 | 12:30 pm

I'm a Tech Hillbilly!
I'm a Tech Hillbilly!
What kind of Backwoods Hillbilly are you?
Brought to you by Pushing Through</a>

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Mar. 3rd, 2005 | 08:08 pm
mood: amused
music: ed on tivo

wecouldwsteitall: do you like brand new/
shoothypotenuse: no.
shoothypotenuse: i don't listen to any nuemo
shoothypotenuse: mostly listen to hip hop, metal, and alt.country
wecouldwsteitall: nuemo hahaa
shoothypotenuse: yup.
shoothypotenuse: do they bring the rock?
wecouldwsteitall: i like them
wecouldwsteitall: a lot
shoothypotenuse: are they the ones with flava flav in their video?
shoothypotenuse: if so they suck ass.
shoothypotenuse: oh wait wait wait
shoothypotenuse: are they the band with the singer who REALLY wants to be morrissey?
wecouldwsteitall: hahha
shoothypotenuse: is that a yes?
wecouldwsteitall: yes
shoothypotenuse: they're not horrid
shoothypotenuse: not really my style
shoothypotenuse: i mean i liked emo in the mid 90s.
shoothypotenuse: but it is not so much my thing nowadays.
shoothypotenuse: i'm out of touch.
wecouldwsteitall: im a sucker for them
wecouldwsteitall: ive listened to this cd 4 times in a row today.
wecouldwsteitall: haha
shoothypotenuse: as a nearly 28 year old man it is hard to relate to high school emotion.
shoothypotenuse: i want whiney songs about how my 401k isn't gaining as much growth as it should be
shoothypotenuse: an ode to the roth ira
wecouldwsteitall: hahahah oh fuck that made me laugh
shoothypotenuse: these are the songs that are the fabric of my being.
shoothypotenuse: i want to make anal cunt esque songs like I Have More Seniority with the Company Than You New Jack, So The Corner Desk Is Mine
shoothypotenuse: jud jud jud jud
shoothypotenuse: and everybody's favorite
wecouldwsteitall: hahhahaha
shoothypotenuse: i'm getting the band back together
shoothypotenuse: we will change our name from xDRIVEBYx to xDRIVEBYx, LLC
wecouldwsteitall: hahahaha
shoothypotenuse: our first cd will be entitled xINITIAL PUBLIC OFFERINGx
wecouldwsteitall: youre killing me here.
shoothypotenuse: our most valued vinyl will be the stock split EP with capitalist casualties
shoothypotenuse: you cannot wait to hear me shrieking COOOOOOOOORPORATEEEEEEEE GAAAAAAAAAAIIIIINNNSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! over a blast beat
shoothypotenuse: we're going to be the anti-groundwork
shoothypotenuse: i also feel it's appropriate that we wear business casual attire for shows.
shoothypotenuse: khakis
shoothypotenuse: polos
shoothypotenuse: preferably dockers and izods.
wecouldwsteitall: bhahahah
wecouldwsteitall: fuck
wecouldwsteitall: i love you
shoothypotenuse: maybe some deck shoes.
shoothypotenuse: we're all about comfort.
wecouldwsteitall: hahha
wecouldwsteitall: with gel inserts
shoothypotenuse: we'll do acoustic sets as we sit in ergonomic roly chairs
shoothypotenuse: i have a feeling my acoustic songs will all be about how much i love fiber optics, and how they have made my job wonderful.
shoothypotenuse: if you were smart you'd scoop me up while you can
wecouldwsteitall: sometimes i forget how witty you are.

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(no subject)

Feb. 15th, 2005 | 11:10 pm

people should really ease up with their assumptions.

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Feb. 14th, 2005 | 11:38 pm
mood: discontentdiscontent
music: hope of the states

i need a change. probably more like a few changes in my life. lately i seem to be stuck in this awkward place where i just cannot seem to relate to anyone. maybe it's my age. maybe it's just where i'm at in the progression of life. honestly, i'm not sure, but something needs to be different. i'm completely out of touch with my friends. if you know me at all, you know i'm not a big fan of people in general, so over the years i've managed to align myself with a small group of friends that i stayed very close to. for the past i dunno, months, years, whatever, i've noticed that we've all drifted apart. maybe it's them. maybe it's me. it's like we really don't have that much in common anymore. we don't like to do the same things. i don't know what to say to people younger than me. i find the gap is the biggest in that scenario. mostly it's just a bunch of trivial shit that i couldn't care about less. then you take people my own age. at nearly 28, i guess you're supposed to have some huge feeling of wanting to nest. wanting to get married. buy a house. start spreading your seed. it's not the settling down that bothers me. i enjoy being settled. i find myself to be happiest in that situation, actually. on the other hand, i hate children. i mean absolutely abhor them. i've never cared much for the thought of marriage, either. typically, there's just a big love/hate thing i have towards females. i more or less know why, but i'm not going to sit here and start analyzing myself in any sort of in depth fashion. in the recent past i've been wasting too much time sitting here holding on to hope for someone i can't have anyway. i need to work on getting over that. i need to find something other than unhealthy relationships. i need friends who have similar interests, and like to do the same sort of things i do. i guess what i'm realizing is maybe i can't find that here. i spent about 2 years living in hampton roads, which is a god awful place. when i finally got the chance to move back to richmond, a city that i love, i was so excited. i thought it'd be great to be just a few blocks from most of the people i know. i thought things would end up working out differently. the only really good part of the past 9 months or so is that i've gotten much closer to my family. sure, we're still not as close as most families are, but there have been some huge strides in that area. so now my deal is this. i can't transfer jobs in my company until june at the earliest. i figure come june i'll start keeping an eye out for similar jobs with my company in a handful of cities i think i might like. the advantage to being a cingular employee now is that i could really go most anywhere in the US and do what i do now, or something in the same field. my short list of cities is looking like seattle, portland, chicago, pittsburgh, raleigh, nashville, knoxville, and baltimore. that's more or less in descending order of preference. the shitty part... i don't know anybody who lives in any of those really. well, aside from seattle, but that doesn't really count. i've spent a good deal of time in chicago, pittsburgh, raleigh, and baltimore, so at least i'd know my way around them. i've been to nashville and knoxville, and really like them both, but all of my time in both would add up to a week or less combined. i've never been to seattle or portland, but i'd love the weather. i also have the remote options of moving to england or ireland. i know one person in ireland, and i have family in england. i'd have to go through the whole getting a work visa thing, which would suck. at least being a wireless nerd would help me land a job pretty easily. europe is all gsm based, and i'm a wiz with that shit. i hear ericsson is pretty big over there. ericsson is my strongsuit. anywho. if you happen to live in one of the mentioned cities and want to give me a tour, let me know.

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(no subject)

Feb. 9th, 2005 | 09:57 pm

aside from my state being stupid, and halfway to banning any sort of lowrise/baggy pants,
they did get at least one thing right.

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Feb. 4th, 2005 | 04:13 pm
music: woody guthrie

i'm sure whatever scene fags i'm friends with are already aware of this, but just in case...


this is the best shit i've seen on the internet in a long time.

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theme day

Feb. 3rd, 2005 | 02:08 pm

i guess it's a theme day on vh1 classic's the alternative.

elvis costello - radio radio
the clash - radio clash
rem - radio free europe

all in a row. followed up with some shitty fishbone to break the trend. too bad.

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(no subject)

Jan. 27th, 2005 | 09:36 pm

fucking christ, please shoot me.

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