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31 March
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random thoughts from a broken man.
400 years, a tribe called quest, ac/dc, action patrol, adult swim, al pacino, aqua teen hunger force, artifacts, at the gates, atheism, atmosphere, audition, avail, battle royale, beastie boys, better off dead, black dahlia murder, black heart procession, bleed, bloodlet, bondage, boogie down productions, breakwater, bukowski, camels, canephora, cannibal ox, casino, christopher walken, cigarettes, clem snide, closure, converge, cooking, cub country, cursive, deadguy, decemberists, def jux, denali, dillinger escape plan, dillinger four, division of laura lee, domination, doves, edgar allan poe, el-p, elvis costello, evil dead, from autumn to ashes, george carlin, ghost world, godbelow, goodfellas, gore, gram parsons, green bay packers, groundwork, h.g. lewis, hank williams sr., horror, hot water music, inquisition, jackie wilson, james brown, jawbreaker, jay farrar, jeff buckley, jeff tweedy, jets to brazil, john cusack, johnny cash, karate, kings of leon, maximillian colby, michael moore, mos def, mr. lif, murs, nas, new jersey devils, nwa, nyquil, old 97's, old forrester, one eyed god prophecy, ordination of aaron, otis redding, pantera, pessimism, pinback, richmond, robert deniro, robert johnson, roman candle, ryan adams, s&m, salinger, sarcasm, sartre, scarface, sleepaway camp, slumber party massacre, snow patrol, social distortion, son volt, southern comfort, stax, stiff little fingers, stoli, strike anywhere, sun studios, texas chainsaw massacre, the clash, the darkness, tivo, transformers, unbroken, whiskeytown, wilco, wilson pickett, wit, writing

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